The Thick Tramp

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The Thick Tramp

He met her at a playground. He'd been taking his nephew to the park, and she was with her /son/">son. They talked while the boys were hanging on the jungle /gym/">gym together. She was older with a thick body. Her thighs and hips and /fat/fat-ass/">fat ass jiggled when she walked. He instantly needed to fuck her.

She kept hinting that she was single, so he said, "Let's go on a play date. Why don't you come with me back to my place?"
"That's exactly what I want."

The four of them went together to his house. It was an empty ranch-style home. He lived alone there, so the boys played in the den while he went with her back to the bedroom. As soon milf porn videos as they got in, he started moving in to her. She didn't move and dropped her shoulders, comfortable as ever.

He kissed her long and deep, and she flattened her breasts against him. His cock stood up. She felt it. She stroked it. She crept to her knees. She pulled it out. She wrapped her lips around his head. She worked her lips softly over it.

He pulled her to her feet, bent her over, and pulled down her leggings to reveal the fattest ass he'd ever seen. He was about to nudge in his spit-wet cock when she wiggled her hips and pushed her /asshole/">asshole against his tip. This /bitch/">bitch was a /freak/">freak. He eased his cock in, and she pushed back against him. Her asshole gave way to his cock. He probed deeper and deeper until he was sheathed totally. He reached around and grabbed her luscious tits. They were soft in his hands as he pounded her and felt her ass jiggle blowjob porn videos against his groin.

She told him, "Cum right there, baby," and he exploded inside her asshole, still pumping his cock.
"Thank you," she said, "Next time come back without your nephew, and help me look after my son. I'll reward you for it."