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Hi, my name is Randy, I'm 21 years old; I'm 6”5 250lbs with blue eyes, brown hair and a fit and tan body. I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my wife (Amber) and two kids. One day as I was heading home from work I seen an old friend so I pulled in to talk to her. Her name is Joanny she is 5”6 115lbs with blue eyes, blondish brown hair and she as a great body and perfect breasts. Joanny was excited to see me since we had not seen one another for a few years. We had always liked each other more then friends usually do but we never acted on it. When Joanny seen me she came running up to me giving me a big hug and kiss and it was all I could do not to jump her right there but I held back. Joanny asked me what I was up to and I told her I was heading home from work.

Then she asked me if I had any plans later tonight and I said no so she ask me to stop by her work at 8pm to see her. I told her I would and I gave her a hug and got back in my car and headed home and on my way home I could not stop thinking of her but I knew I had to since I was married. When I got home my wife asked me what took me so long to get home and I told her that traffic was real /bad/">bad. There was no way I was going to tell her that I stopped to see Joanny but any way she said ok and we ate dinner. After dinner I told Amber that I was going to go take a shower and then I was going over to a friends house and would be home kind a late. I jumped in the shower and right away I begin to think of Joanny and how sexy she looked today and how I would /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck her. My dick started getting hard just thinking about it so I decided to jerk off to get some relief when the shower door opened and Amber stepped in. She looked down and said I guess you knew I was coming because you are ready.

Now my wife is 5”5 125lbs she as brown eyes and brown hair she as a great body for having had two kids and her tits are a 36D. Amber started rubbing my dick and we started kissing then I got down on my knees and started licking and sucking on her pussy. She put her hands on the wall and started moaning as I ate her pussy I licked her clit until she came then I suck it then I /tongue/tongue-fuck/">tongue fuck her and she came again. I got up and kissed my way up to her breasts and started to lick and suck on them. Then Amber stepped back and went down on her knees and stuck my dick in her mouth she begin to suck and lick my dick then she deep throat my dick and I came and she swallowed all of it. I stood her up then I picked her up putting her legs over my shoulder then I put my dick in her pussy and we fucked like /crazy/">crazy for over a hour when we both had came I washed off and got out and got dressed. Then a went to the living room to catch some local news on the TV then at 7pm I told Amber I was going to my friends house. I gave Amber a kiss and headed out the door when I arrived at Joanny's work I went in and right away she saw me and came running over to me with a big smile on her face. I asked her why she wanted me to come to her work but she ignored me instead she yelled at her boss and told him she was going on a break. Joanny grabbed my hand and took me outside to her car once inside the car she told me why she wanted me to come to her work.

She told me that she needed to talk to me about something that as been on her mind for awhile. Then Joanny looked at me and said that she is attracted to me and has been for a long time. While trying to think of something to say Joanny came over to me and kissed me at first I pulled away but she wouldn't let up and finally I gave in and we kissed. Our tongues explored each others mouth and our hands were rubbing on each others body. After about 15 minutes of fooling around I told Joanny I had to go she begged me to stay but I told her I couldn't. I got out of her car and got into mine and started home on the way there I could not help but think of what it would be like to hold and make love to Joanny. When I got home I walked in the front door to find Amber setting on the couch watching TV and she looked very sexy she was wearing a green silk gown that went all the way to the floor but had a slit that went all the way to her hip and the top was very low cut showing her cleavage. I sat next to her and asked what she was watching she told me it was some romance movie. Then Amber asked me why I was home so soon and I told her that I just wanted to come home and be with her. Amber leaned over and kissed me and then she snuggled up next to me as we watched the rest of the movie.

When the movie went off I told Amber I was going to go change my clothes so I got up and went to the bedroom and got undressed. I went back in the living room just wearing my boxers then I sat next to her and asked what was coming on next. Amber looked at me with a grin and told me that I would love what was coming on next. I looked at the TV and in shock I saw a guy and two /fucking/girls-fucking/">girls fucking their brains out. I looked at my wife in confusion because she was never one to watch porn so I asked her what was going on. Amber told me she just felt like watching a little porn with me I said ok and we started watching it. As I watched it I noticed my dick was getting hard and I knew Amber had noticed too. Then she leaned down and pulled my dick out and started sucking it and it felt so good to feel her hot and wet mouth on my dick so I grabbed her by the hair and started to /mouth/mouth-fuck/fuck-her-mouth/">fuck her mouth. After ten minutes I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of free porn movies download it then she came up and kissed me and by now I was hornier then hell. I grabbed her and laid her on the couch and started kissing her neck then down to her tits making sure to lick and suck both of them. Then Amber pushed my head down between her legs and I started sucking on her clit.

I sucked and licked on her clit for awhile making her cum a few times then I licked down her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in her vagina. She let out a moan and arched her back then I started fucking her with both my tongue and my fingers for about a hour and she moaned and screamed like never before. Then I got on top of her and placed my dick at her hole then I pushed it in just a little then I pulled out teasing her and she went crazy. Amber grabbed my ass with her legs and pushed me in all the way then I started pounding her hard and fast and I was in her pussy all the way up to my balls. We fucked for sometime and we both had came then Amber looked at the TV and said that she wanted to try what they were doing on the TV. I looked at the TV and saw a girl being fucked in her ass I looked at my wife who before now would not even talk about me fucking her in the ass. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes then I went to our bedroom and got some of our oil that we use from time to time and then I went back into the living room. I put some oil on my dick and then her /asshole/">asshole and started to push in. I went slow so not to hurt her and little by little I pushed my dick all the way in her ass.

I started going in and out slowly then she told me to go faster so I started pounding her hard and fast. Amber started shaking and screaming as she came time after time. I had never seen her like this and it was really turning me on. After about a hour I came in her ass and we both fell on the couch so we could catch our breath. Then we went to bed the next morning she got up and got ready then got the kids ready and told me she was going to her mom and dads for the weekend. I told her ok and that I was sorry I couldn't go but I had to work then I gave her and the kids a kiss and told them to have fun. That night when I got home from work they were gone so I grabbed a shower and got dressed and headed out to get something to eat. I drove around trying to decide where to go when I saw the place where Joanny worked so I pulled in and went inside and sat down. As I sat there trying to decided what I wanted to eat from the menu Joanny saw me and came over after we said our hellos I told her what I wanted. In a few minutes she brought me my food and the she sat down as we talked she asked why I was there eating dinner and I told her that the wife and kids went out of town for the weekend so I was alone and didn't want to cook.

I finished my food and went and paid for it and started to leave when Joanny yelled at me to wait for a second. I waited by the door when Joanny came over and gave me a hug and kiss then she asked me if it would be ok if she stopped by after work and I told her it would be just fine. I got in my car and went home once I was home I watch the news then got ready to lay down and wait for Joanny to come over. Just as I got undressed and laded down the phone rang and it was Amber she told me they made it ok then she asked me where I had been I told her that I went out and got something to eat. We talked for a few minutes then we /hung/">hung up and I laded down. I didn't want to fall into a deep sleep but I guess I did and at 2am I woke up to a knock on the door I jumped out of bed forgetting to get dressed and I opened the door. There stood Joanny with her mouth open and wide eyed I asked her what was wrong and all I got from her was oh my god that's big. I looked down and realized that she was looking at my dick swinging back and forth I turned and ran to my room and slid my boxers on. When I came back in she had shut the door and was setting on the couch. I told her sorry for that and Joanny smiled and told me not to be sorry that she enjoyed it.

I sat beside her and for the next couple of hours we talked and laughed then Joanny got ready to leave so I gave her a hug and told her I really enjoyed the time we had spent together. Joanny lefted and I started back to my room and just as I was getting ready to get back in bed I heard a knock again on the front door. I went back to the front door and opened it and it was Joanny and she looked mad full hd xvideo download I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her car would not start. I told her to come in and sat down as we talked I decided to ask her to stay and I would look at her car later. Joanny agreed then she said she didn't have any bed clothes to change in and she needed to shower after working all day. I told her to go ahead and take her shower and I would find her something to wear then she said what about her underclothes so I told her not to wear any and I would wash all her clothes so they would be clean for her to wear later. She said ok and got up and I showed her to the bathroom and where the towels and wash rags were. Joanny told me she would leave the door unlocked so I could get her clothes and bring in the clothes she was going to wear. I got in my closet and found her a big dress shirt of mine to wear as a gown.

When I approached the bathroom I could hear the shower running so I opened the door and went in. Now my bathroom is huge it has a shower made for four people then there is a hug garden tub for two a double sink and then a little room off to it's self with the toilet in it. When I walked in I could see her in the shower due to the shower doors are all glass and she looked amazing standing there under the water. I put the shirt down and picked up her dirty clothes and left. I through her clothes in the wash then I got some bedding for the couch which was where I was going to sleep. When Joanny came out of the shower I was already laying on the couch then I told her to take my bed since the couch was hard to sleep on she said ok and went to my room. As I laded there trying to sleep on this lumpy couch I saw my bedroom light come on so I got up and checked on her. When I walked in the room I saw her laying there on the bed but not under the covers she was on top of them.

I have to say she looked so sexy in my shirt so sexy that my dick got hard just looking at her. It was then that she noticed me then I asked if she was ok and she said she was having trouble sleeping. Then she told me the reason she was having trouble was because it was a strange place. Then she asked me if I would lay with her until she fell a sleep I told her I would and got into the bed. When I laded down next to her to my /surprise/">surprise she snuggled up next to me and as we lay there next to each other she grabbed my arm and put it over her chest with my hand on her tit. Then she reached back and put her hand on my upper leg by now my dick is not only hard but it's sticking through the hole on the front of my boxers and it's pushing on her lower back. I started to fix it when she takes her hand and grabs my dick and starts stroking it. While Joanny is stroking my dick I begin to rub her leg working my way up and under her shirt. Then Joanny turns on her back and grabs my head and pulls me toward her and we start kissing while she continues to stroke my dick and me still rubbing up her body.

I break the kiss and go over and I bite the buttons off her shirt then I take it off her. I start kissing and massaging her tits and Joanny begins to moan then I take her nipple in my mouth and begin to suck and lick it. Then I do the same to the other nipple then I go down her belly kissing every inch until I get to her pussy. Once I'm at her pussy I spread her legs wide and I start kissing her pussy then I start licking her clit and she begins to moan loud then I suck her clit and she cums. I start to tongue her vagina and she goes wild she grabs my hair and starts bucking and pushing toward me. Joanny cums again and as I start to get on top of her she throws me on my back and then she mounts me. Joanny grabs my dick and slides down on it as far as she could go.

She starts bouncing up and down like crazy then she begins to scream for me to fuck her faster and harder. I raise up and with my dick still in her I put her legs over my shoulder and with me standing I start to pound her as fast and hard as I can. Joanny came more times then anyone else I had ever been with as we fucked I could feel that I was getting ready to cum then with a few more pumps I felt the cum shooting in her pussy filling it up. After we were done we both got into my tub and we begin to fuck in the tub. Well if you are wondering we ended up fucking all weekend and in every position there is. We had a great weekend and I am sure this won't be the last weekend we spend together. I'll let you know. LIFE IS GREAT!!!!