Hot Afternoon part 1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hot Afternoon part 1

It is one of those lazy afternoons, when all you want to do is take a nap or just be, not bothered by work or people. But for me it is one of those afternoons that I have been waiting for, for a very long time. A moment in time that will change me and you forever, a day that will remain in our memories for a very long time, moments that we might want to live over and over again.

You are just about to go into another sleep mode when the buzzing of the door bell awakens you. And when you open the door, there I am in front of you at a time when you least expected, but this is something that we both have wanted for a very long time. You are still in shock to see me at your door step, while I continue to smile at you, waiting for you to call me in. After a few seconds, you mumble " Hey babe, come on in. I did not expect to see you." And as you say those words, I, as if drawn by you, kiss you, a gentle peck on the cheeks. As I move away, I brush my lips across your face, just about touching your lips. Taking a cue, you pull me closer and kiss me on the lips,slowly at first and then passionately, with full force. We continue to kiss each other not bothered by the fact that we could be seen by passer bys. And what is more surprising is that even though we havent met for several years now and given the intensity of our conversations, our meeting is somewhat subdued, may be we want to savour every single moment that we have.

Kissing me you take me inside, closing the door behind us. All this while we are still lip-locked, not wanting to let go of each other. Gasping for breath, I break myself away from you. " Gosh Alex I can't even breathe." "Come on babe, you know you want this and I have waited too long to be with you."

"I know, me too. But let us take it slow. I want us to savour every minute of us being together. I want every touch, every kiss to last forever. Won't you ask me to sit down?"
"Come on, you don't have to be so formal. Do you need me to tell you that? You can be yourself, do whatever you want."
"Whatever I old waman xxxgx want?" I look at you with mischief in my eyes. I move closer to you, " Are you sure?"
" I haven't been more sure."

Saying this you take me in your arms and kiss me once again, long and hard. This time you push your tongue in my mouth and I slowly start to suck at it, kissing you harder and stronger. As I continue to kiss you, I can feel your hands move towards by breasts, slowly touching and caressing them, feeling through my clothes. You realise I am not wearing a bra. "Oh baby, this is so hot!" As you press your body closer to mine, I can feel your hardness.

I slowly push my hand in your shorts and start stroking you gently. You slowly move from my lips to my neck, nibbling and kissing me, still caressing my boobs. I bite your shoulder and continue stroking you.

"I want to taste you Alex," saying this I push you on the couch, pull the shorts down and kiss your erect dick. Rubbing your balls, I continue to kiss your dick, the insides of your legs, sucking in between, taking your hard, almost erect dick in slowly. As I suck you my tongue is licking throughout the length of your dick, making it wet and hard.

"Ya baby, yes...that feels so good. God! I have wanted to feel this for so long."
"Look at me. Look at me sucking your dick."
You look straight into my eyes, and I continue to suck you. My hands rubbing your chest, your thighs, your legs, stroking you as I continue to move my mouth up and down your hard on. Your hand is on my head, pushing me on your dick, harder. With every thrust you go deeper and deeper in my mouth. I am choking on you, but you continue to push deeper, harder, faster. I can feel the pressure building inside you, but you hold on...not ready to cum as yet.

As if reading your mind, I let you free, take off my top and there they are, the two most beautiful and desirable things that you had wanted to lay your hands on. You push me to the floor gently and take one of the boobs in your mouth, kissing and licking at first and then starting to nibble and bite. Gently at first, you start getting harsher. One of your hand moves to the other boob, pinching it lightly, while continuing to suck on the other. with your other hand you undo my pants. /surprise/">surprise no panties!!! Your hand is now between my legs, stroking my insides.

"Oh Alex, wow! This feels so good! Ya baby...hmmm..... yes...yes... oh God!! ya... this so good.. I looovee it...ya ..." I continue moaning to every kiss, nibble, bite and stroke. I feel that I will cum soon.... but you control my urge to cum, playing with me... making me desperate. I so badly want you to finger fuck me, but your fingers continue to just stroke my thighs, not even coming close to my cunt.

"Come on Alex, please fuck me or at least bokep sma pecah perawan touch me," I beg you. But you continue doing your own thing, driving me real /crazy/">crazy. The frustration inside me is building and I just want to take your dick inside of me...and then suddenly I can feel something. It is you, between my legs, kissing me. you tongue is slowly flicking my clit. "Oh God!! Oh fuck!! yes!! Wow!! Thats..thats... hmmm...yeaah...ya baby....aah... hmmm....yesss...yaaa... oh fuck...." I can not imagine the amazing feeling running all through my body as your deft tongue fucks me! And at precisely the same time both your hands are on my boobs, caressing them. All I can do is just throw my head back, close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of being in heaven!!!

I don't know how long you went on, but I had stopped feeling my legs... all I could feel was a tingling sensation below my hips....

"I want to fuck you baby"
"Do you think I can take it, I am already so drained out."
"Of course you can, come on let me show you." Saying that you get on top of me and with one quick push enter my very very /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. And you can see the surprise on my face when I am all ready to go all over again. I can feel your hardness filling me completely. You take your dick out a bit and then with full force start fucking me, going in and out, in and out, faster and faster... I can feel my juices flowing out... All the wetness makes you move even more faster...deeper...harder.... I can feel the tension building inside me and you. I think we are both about to come. I am all ready to take your hot juice inside of me, but then you suddenly take your dick out.

"What the fuck!! Why did you....." You don't even let me complete the sentence. You turn me around, make me get on all fours and fuck me doggy style. I have never felt so horny ever. As you fuck me, you tug at my hair, bite my back, pinch my boobs. With every little hint of pain, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I never thought I could sustain so long.

"I can't take it any longer Alex, I need you to cum, I need me to cum... please...I beg of you." You give a smile and start pushing, deeper, faster, harder.....Fucking me ...fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck... fuck... fuck.... And then I can feel you cumming... your juices flowing inside me....

"I want to taste you... " I mumble. You put your still dripping dick in my mouth. I suck it... deep... tasting both of us in my mouth. I lick you... clean... taking in every single drop....hmmm...we taste so good together....

You look at me... and kiss me on the mouth... softly and gently.... Both of us collapse on the couch... exhausted, but definitely not done as yet!!! (continued)