How To Make Sex Better

Published October 1, 2022 tag category
How To Make Sex Better

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How Important Is Duration in Sex? New Study Says “Very”

It’s no secret that good sex can lead to a happier marriage, and a recent study has pinpointed the one where most couples want to see an improvement. Condom company Durex polled 1,000 adults, married and single, and asked them intimate questions about their level of satisfaction with their sex lives, and the primary complaint they saw was the lack of duration in their sexual encounters. A whopping full 50 percent of people said they weren’t happy with the duration (or lack thereof) they are experiencing in their sex lives.

Sex Tips: Performance Anxiety, Lasting Longer In Bed And Tantric Sexual Principles

It is the wish of almost every man to last longer in bed. This is because lasting long in bed is the only sure way for any man to satisfy his partner. A problem in the world today when it comes to lasting longer in bed is the large number of men who suffer from performance anxiety. This is the leading cause of the inability of men to prevent premature ejaculation and thus one of the major reasons why very few couples usually experience total sexual satisfaction in the bedroom. Tantric sexual principles have over the years proven effective in helping men to overcome performance anxiety and thus enabling them to delay ejaculation for as long as they wish. Here are the reasons for the effectiveness of Tantric sex tips in helping men to have great sexual performances.

Sex Tips: Principles Of Tantric Sexuality To Boost Sexual Performance And Satisfaction

It is no secret that poor sexual performance is to blame for a lot of problems in relationships and marriages. This is a sad fact considering the importance that sex plays in any relationship. The availability of countless sex tips in the modern world has done little to help men to last longer in bed. It has done nothing to increase the frequency of orgasms that couples have and neither has it helped people to be happy. Tantric principles of sexuality form the basic foundations of any great sexual performance and satisfaction. They not only allow men to last longer in bed and have better sexual performance in the bedroom, but they are also great in increasing intimacy in the bedroom. Here is what you should know about these principles.

Sex Tips: Tantric Sex For Better Orgasms And Sexual Satisfaction

Statistics show that the number of women who experience orgasms during sexual intercourse is low. It is no wonder that most people in the world rarely have satisfying relationships especially considering the importance of sex in any sexual relationship. The problem usually lies in the way men and women approach sexual intercourse in the bedroom. With tantric sex tips, it is possible for any couple to relearn their approach to sex and thus enabling them to learn how to increase the intensity of pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Tantric Sexual Principles: What You Should Know

Sex plays an important role in relationships. However, very few people boast of being sexually satisfied in whichever relationship they are involved in. This may be due to physical problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation or simply because of emotional issues. There are even people who believe that they are frigid. This is sad and something that the application of Tantric sexual principles is bound to resolve.

Why A One-Night-Stand Is Not The Best Sex You Can Have

In a world where people are obsessed with fast foods and instant pleasure, it is no wonder that very few people are really happy. People are obsessed with using shortcuts to get what they want and they tend to apply this even when it comes to sex. Today, one-night-stands and no-strings-attached relationships are common and many people are proud of these relationships because they think it is a modern thing to do. The truth is that having such relationships usually robs sex of its true sensual spirituality and thus engaging in them is a sure way to short-change yourself so far as sexual pleasure and incessant orgasms go.