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Cosmetic Surgeon Zoran Potparic
Zoran Potparic, MD
Zoran Potparic

1116 E. Broward Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida  33301
Yahoo! Maps - Zoran Potparic - Fort Lauderdale - Florida

Tel: (954) 779-2777
Fax: (954) 779-2177

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Specialties: Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
COSMETIC & PLASTIC SURGERY Extensive Experience. Excellent Results.
Dr Potparic's patients include ordinary people as well as school teachers, artists, celebrities, and executives. His office staff are very familiar with privacy requirements and special accommodations for patients requiring anonymity. Our State of the Art Ambulatory Surgery Center provides an enhanced patient-focused experience with the best of both worlds - experienced surgical team combined with the state-of-the-art surgical technology. Office based surgical suite provides safety, convenience, comfort and discretion. This Surgery Center is AAAA accredited by the National Accreditation Association and State of Florida certified which means that it has all the necessary support and staff available in hospitals or surgery and hospital based surgery centers. Upon request, Dr. Potparic or his staff will provide information and details of planned surgeries. Any charge for consultations is applied towards the cost of surgery. Payment plans are available. His staff will also assist with any needed aftercare or travel arrangements. The most common cosmetic procedures Dr. Potparic performs are Liposuction and Body Sculpturing, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck), Lower Body Lift, Breast Augmentation, Reduction and Breast Lift, Face and Neck Lift, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping Surgery), Browlifts, Facial Implants, Lip Augmentation, Correction of Ear Deformities, Calf and Pectoral Implants (for men). A number of procedures Dr. Potparic performs in the office have practically no downtime, and recovery is almost immediate. In other words, a patient can have a scheduled procedure done in our office and go back to work and regular activity the same day. These procedures include RESTYLANE and collagen for lip enchantment, and/or Botox and RESTYLANE for treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. For many years Dr. Potparic has used patient's own fat tissue by means of injectable fat grafts to rejuvenate face, lips, and hands. It is a comfortable office procedure with minimal recovery time, as well as reliable and permanent results. In the field of reconstructive surgery, Dr. Potparic's areas of expertise are reconstructive surgery of the extremities, breast reconstruction after cancer treatment, craniofacial surgery for adults (acquired post-traumatic or tumor related deformities of skull and face) and treatment of vascular malformations. For a comprehensive list of procedures that Dr. Potparic performs, for more details on a specific procedure and for demonstration of some typical results, please select: Procedures Whatever service is provided, Dr. Potparic and his staff pay close attention to your needs and safety.
Office Hours 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday
Peak Hours Parking available
General Address Federal Hwy (Rt 1) and Broward Blvd.
Year Started Office 2002
Number of Employees 6
Number of Patients 6000
Parking Type Lot part of office
Primary Language English
Additional Languages Se Habla Espaņol, Portuguese, French, Italian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian
Doctor Website Address Doctor Website
Insurance Plans Insurance information not listed. Please call for insurance details.
Workmens Comp Yes
Accept Uninsured Patients? Yes
Emergency Care? No
Primary Hospital North Broward
Local Hospitals Holy Cross, Broward General, Imperial Point, North Broward, Memorial
Price Range Average
Residency Training University of Miami/JMH, Miami Fl.
Medical School University of Miami/JMH, Miami Fl.
Graduation Year 1976
University / College University of Miami/JMH, Miami Fl.
College Degree Medical
College Graduation Year 1973
Primary Specialty Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Board Certified No
Certification Board Certified American Society of Plastic Surgeons
Member Organizations AMBS
Awards 1. Starovic, B., Kostic B, Rajacic, N., Potparic Z., A need for a doctrinaire assistance to a traumatized hand, Zbornik Radova 4th Congress of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Yugoslavia, 1980, 155-162 2. Sucur DJ., Konstantinovic P., Potparic Z. ,Fresh chicken legs: and experimental model for the microsurgical beginners, Br J Plast Surg, 1981, 34: 488-489 3. Potparic Z., Rajacic, N., Radivojevic, M. Reconstruction of the frontal bone defect with Vascularized iliac bone graft, Acta Chir Ygosl, 1986, suppl 1, 22;36-28 4. Rajacic N, Potparic Z., Ninkovic M. The use of tissue expanders in head and neck reconstructions, Acta Chir Ygosl, 1986, suppl 1,22;49-51 5. Rajacic N, Potparic Z., Babovic S. Advantages of innervated instep flap for treatment of heel defects, Acta Chir Ygosl, 1986, suppl 1, 33;179-181 6. Potparic Z., Starovic B, Sucur Dj, Rajacic N. Reconstruction of the extensive defects of the foot with free flaps, Plastic Surgical Forum, 1991, 16;130-132 7. White KS, Jackson IT, Potparic Z., The cervical tube pedicle flap: uses in facial reconstruction, Br J Plastic Surgery, 1992, 45;398-402 8. Potparic Z., Free medial Gastroenemius myocutaneous flap; Letter to the Editor. Br J Plastic Surgery, 1992, 45; 486-488 9. Potparic Z., Starovic B. Reconstruction of extensive defects of the cranium with free flaps, Head & Neck, 1993, 15:97-104 10. Potparic Z., End-to-side anastomoses: and experimental study. Discussion, Plastic Surgery Outlook, 1993, 7:2-3 11. Rachmiel A, Potparic Z., Jackson IT, Sugihara T, Clayman L, Topf J, Forte R. Midface advancement by gradual distraction. Br J Plastic Surgery 1993, 46:201-207 12. Jackson IT, Carreno R, Potparic Z., Hassaim K. Hemagiomas, Vascular Malformations and Lymphovenous Malformations: Classification and Methods of Treatment, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, 1993, 91; 1216-1230 13. Jackson IT, Carbonel A. Potparic Z., Shaw K. Orbitotemporal Neurofibromatosis: Classification and Treatment. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, 1993, 92; 1-8 14. Miller JR, Potparic Z., Cramer A, Colen LB, Carwell GD, Carraway JH. Medial Lower Leg Vascular Perforators: A Comparison Cadaver Studies and Duplex Ultrasonography. Plastic Surgical Forum. 1993, 16; 27-30 15. Richart GC, Jackson IT, Potparic Z., Tan GB, Chambers PA. Management of locally aggressive sinus disease using craniofacial exposure and the galeal-frontals facis-muscle flap. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, 1993, 92; 121-1225 16. Jackson IT,, Potparic Z., Fasching M, Schievinck WI Tydstrom K, Hussain K. Penetration of the skull base by dissecting keratocyst. J Craniomaxfac Surgery, 1993, 21:319-325 17. Rachmiel A, , Potparic Z., Jackson IT, Fukuta K, Tysell B, Audet B. Extradural dead space following cranial bone advancement. Ann Plastic Surgery. 1994, 32:1488-155 18. Fukuta K, , Potparic Z., Sugihara T, Rachmael A, Forte R, Jackson IT. A cadaver investigation of the blood supply to the galeal frontalis flap. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 94:794, 1994 19. , Potparic Z., Jackson IT, Colen LB, Fukuta K, Carraway JH. Galeo-pericranial flaps in the forehead: a study of blood supply. Plastic Surgical Forum, 17:292, 1994 20. , Potparic Z., Colen LB, Sucur Dj, Carwell GD, Carraway JH. The Gastroenemius muscle as a free flap donor site. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 95:1245-1252, 1995 21. Miller JR, Potparic Z., Colen LB, Sorrel K, Carraway JH. The accuracy of Duplex Ultrasonography in the planning of skin flaps in the lower extremity. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 95:1221-1227, 1995 22. Rachmiel A, Jackson IT, Potparic Z., Clayman L, Laufer D. Midface advancement by gradual distraction: a follow-up study. J Oral Maxillofac Surgery. 53:525-529, 1995 23. Colen LB, Stevenson A, Sidorov V, , Potparic Z., Pacelli E, Lee S, Li L. Microvascular anastomotic thrombosis in experimental diabetes mellitus. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 99:165-162, 1996 24. , Potparic Z., Fukuta K, Colen L, Jackson IT, Carraway JH. Galeo-pericranial flaps in the forehead: A study of blood supply and volumes. Br J Plastic Surgery 49, 519-528, 1996 25. , Potparic Z., Colen LB, Kadz BB. The use of perforator based flaps in reconstruction of the distal leg: an anatomical and clinical study. Plastic Surgery Forum. 19, 228-229, 1996 26. , Potparic Z., Rajacic N. Long-term results in weight-bearing foot reconstruction with non-innervated and reinnervated free flaps. Br J Plastic Surgery. 50, 176-181, 1997 27. Colen LB, Pessa JE,, Potparic Z., Reus WF: Reconstruction of the extremity with dorsal thoracic fascia free flap. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery. 101, 738-744, 1998 28. Fukuta K, Salto K,, Potparic Z., A comparison of single-stage frontoparietal advancement in terms of Extradural de3ad space and bone deposition. Br J Plastic Surgery 51, 169-175, 1998 29. , Potparic Z., Colen LB: A 5-year review of island distally based fasciocutaneous flaps the lower limb. (letter) Br J Plastic Surgery, 51, 651, 1998
Doctor Name Zoran Potparic
Gender male
Age 57
Hobbies Fly fishing, walking, reading, theater, Opera
Dr. Potparic and his surgical team are committed to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery of the highest quality, consistent with safety and artistry. Surgical innovation, to be legitimate, must be scrutinized and judged by other surgeons at meetings and in professional publications before it can be applied to clinical practice.

The plastic surgeon must have appropriate surgical judgment and carefully select surgical procedures for each particular patient. He must always strive to achieve aesthetically pleasing, natural looking results that make the patient look rejuvenated and stunningly different. A superb plastic surgeon poses an overwhelming sense of proportion, balance, and natural beauty.

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